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Will HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT become an OBM in future?
DONGGUAN HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD is dedicated to becoming one of the main manufacturers and exporters of OBM of belt conveyor parts . We offer the best quality products for the market. Each phase of manufacturing and design is done by experienced professionals with years of expertise. Our products are produced in line with standardized production techniques and techniques and work well in many respects.

HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT COMPANY provides customized conveyor components solutions using the most advanced technologies. The non slip mat series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Attachment to design tenet of cutlery trays for drawers makes possible the use of cutlery holder easier. The abrasion resistance of this product is high even under dry running conditions. Its quality is strictly checked by quality inspection department from the raw material to the shipment process. Compared to those made from steel, it is less expensive.

We decided to become one of the most popular black dish rack suppliers. Inquiry!
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