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What properties are needed in furniture hinge raw materials?
Generally speaking, the raw materials should have no impurities. This means that they should not be mixed with other substances; otherwise, they are the processed materials instead of raw materials. Besides, they should be a good basis that would help improve the performance of the finished products. That is to say, what properties required in the finished products should wholly or at least partially be seen in raw materials. In addition to the intrinsic properties, the production technology would also play a role. It may even maximize the properties of the raw materials and improve the performance of furniture hinge.
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For years, DONGGUAN HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD has been a leader in high performance furniture feet design and manufacture in China. HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT COMPANY's main products include cutlery holder series. furniture accessories Design: Simple, bright, economical and practical. Its materials provide it with good protection against thermomechanical stress. This product has good rebound performance. The cushioning pad used is very soft and elastic, offering support and buffering to the foot. Plasticizers can be incorporated into its materials to increase flexibility and workability.
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