professional plastic converyor manufacturer
professional plastic converyor manufacturer



1.High Quality.

   Quality of products will be strictly checked and every part or machine are well tested by our Quality Control Dept. to ensure it can works well before packaging.

  Longer life and better product handling.

2.Your Request Be First.

    We accept customized products according your description or drawing.Not untill you confirm  your product details completely will we start manufacturing.

3.Timely After-Service .

    After-sales service will be provided Timely.

4.Higher Working Load

Food Grade Plastic Converyor Belt Features
Hot Sale Conveyor Belt

Conveyor network chain has a wide range of types, suitable for various food conveyors and conveyor belts of various packaging machines

Flush   Grid   Plastic   Conveyor   Modular   Belt

Flush Grid Straight Running Plastic Conveyor Modular Belt

Plastic   Flat   Top   Modular    Conveyor     B elt 

Plastic Flat Top Modular Conveyor Belt H1270

Plastic   Flush   Grid   Modular    Conveyor    Belt 

Plastic Flush Grid Modular Conveyor Belt HOPB 4

POM    Material   of    Circulating     Conveyor     Belt

High Temperature and Wear Resistant POM Material of Circulating Conveyor Belt

Why    Choose     US?

Conveyor Accessories And Furniture Accessories Manufacture.

* Dongguan Hanjun Plastic Product Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, specializing in the production and sales of plastic products, conveyor accessories, furniture accessories.

* The company has its own independent injection moulding plant, machinery processing plant, spare parts production plant. Hanjun Plastic Product Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic machinery processing plant. Its production is divided into two categories: furniture accessories and conveyor accessories, including adjustable legs, anti-skid pad, cutter and fork disc, Conveyor Chain,Conveyor belt and other conveyor accessories R&D design and independent production  

* Now has a plant area of about 8000 square meters. We have a professional production and marketing team. R&D, promotion, marketing, production, engineering and after-sales service departments are responsible for each link to ensure the perfection of each project and product.

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If you have any questions about our products or services  feel free to reach out to customer service team

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