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Cupboard door, desk door, wardrobe door, etc
Place of Origin
Guangdong (Mainland China)
Lead Time
10-20 days/Depending on the quantity
Departure Port
Guangzhou or Shenzhen
5000 PCS
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union,Paypal, Secure payment
Shipping Method
Express, Sea Freight,Air Cargo, Land Transportation
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Enterprise Strength
  • HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT is equipped with professional sales and customer service staff. They are able to provide services such as consulting, customization and product selection.
Product Details
HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT's belt conveyor parts has excellent performances, which are reflected in the following details.HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. belt conveyor parts has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.
Company Advantages
1. DHP is fabricated under the standardized production environment.
2. This product is strong and tough. It is sintered under very high temperature, which makes its physical properties to be optimized.
3. The product features excellent mechanical properties. It has good elongation, excellent flexibility and strength, and a durometer range.
4. The product will enable one to boost the aesthetics of his space, creating a more beautiful environment for any room.
5. This garment is not only stronger than those of other brands, but it also looks better for the wearer and fits better, too. - Said one of our customers.
Our strengths
Hanjun Company has a complete one-stop solution from design, production to sales. In the past six years, we have exported to more than 50 countries. We have more than 10,000 square meters of plant and office areas and had over 20 staff of R&D technical team in early 2018. Our mechanical equipment also meet international requirements. Since 2013, the sales volume has exceeded 100 million US dollars. We have been manufacturing high-quality plastics and producing world-class furniture accessories and transportation accessories. Customized products can be made based on the drawings or sketches offered by the customers.

Product Description 


Commodity105 Degree Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Furniture Cabinet Hinge
Item  noHJ-HG075
MaterialCold Rolled Steel
Finish Nickel Plated
Cup diameter35mm
Size115x63x26 mm
Range of door thickness14-24mm
Cup depth11.5mm
Dimension of door3-7mm
Open angle105  Degree
FunctionSoft closing
Samples offerFree sample
Delivery timeNormally within 25 days after receiving 30 % deposit paid
PaymentT/T, Western Union or Paypal, Secure payment
Sample arrangementSamples can be sent out within 3 days

Detailed Images 



Item NoMaterialCup sizeWhether SeparationLength*Width*Height
HG068304 Steel35 mmSeparate125x63x35 mm
HG069Copper Plating35 mmSeparate121x63x29 mm
HG070Copper Plating35 mmFixed116x63x26 mm
HG071304 Steel35 mmSeparate144x68x49 mm
HG072304 Steel26 mmSeparate105x53x22 mm
HG073304 Steel35 mmFixed115x63x29 mm
HG074304 Steel35 mmFixed115x63x26 mm
HG075304 Steel35 mmSeparate115x63x26 mm
HG076304 Steel35 mmFixed115x63x26 mm
HG077304 Steel35 mmSeparate115x63x26 mm
HG078304 Steel40 mmSeparate127x78x25 mm
HG079304 Steel35 mmFixed 82x63x23 mm
HG080304 Steel35 mmFixed110x63x40 mm

Sketch Map For Adjusting Cabinet Door In Three Dimensions 



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Customer: Are you factory?

HJ:   Yes. We are a manufacturer factory. We are plant area three thousand square meters, and we are keeping extend our plant.

We have more than 100 employees in different department.

Customer: What is your price terms?

HJ:  Normally FOB(free on board), CIF(cost insurance and freight), EX-work

Customer: What is your payment terms?

HJ:  Generally T/T 30% deposit, the balance should be paid by T/T before shipment or against B/L scan copy within 3 days.

Customer: How can I visit your factory or office?

HJ: Welcome you visit our factory or office for business negotiation. Please try to contact our staff first by email or telephone.

We will make the soonest appointment and arrangement the pick up.

Company Features
1. Over the years, DONGGUAN HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD has developed into a professional manufacturer and supplier. We focus on the design and manufacture of .
2. DONGGUAN HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD continually upgrade ourselves with the technological advancements.
3. has a great appeal to DONGGUAN HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD as a business tenet. Check it! In the future, DONGGUAN HANJUN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD will strenghten its scientific technology support and popularize advanced production technology. Check it! Becoming a competitive manufacturer and service provider is our current development goal. Check it!

Quick, what’s the difference between low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE)?

Yes, this will be on the quiz…

To help you answer that question, I covered HDPE in a previous article, so you can bone up on that polymer if you need to. And I’ll cover LDPE here.

Clearly these two polymers are similar because both are named polyethylene. In fact, LDPE was the first polyethylene to be produced, so it’s sorta like HDPE’s senior cousin, (which always causes problems at the Polymer family get-togethers).

But as the names suggests, LDPE has a lower “density” than HDPE. That just means it has a bit less mass compared to its volume. For example, lead is dense. Whipped cream is not.

LDPE also has more molecules that branch out, as opposed to staying in perfect rows. (That part will not be on the quiz…).

LDPE’s lower density and branched molecules give it somewhat different properties than HDPE, although they do share some similar uses, such as packaging. LDPE/HDPE differences typically cause them to be collected separately for recycling … but not always (more on that later).

LDPE is resistant to impact (doesn’t break easily), moisture (water proof), and chemicals (can stand up to many hazardous materials).

Know it or not, you likely use LDPE every day, for many very good reasons. For example, let’s say you need to carry something home from your trip to the store (shopping bags). You may want to supply your child’s lunch with a non-refrigerated drink (juice boxes or “aseptic” packaging). Or your child may like playing make believe (toys). And, of course, nobody wants to grab naked copper electrical wire (insulation on electrical wires and cables).

Plus there are many industrial and agriculture uses, particularly as plastic film and packaging to protect all sorts of products.

It’s worth stopping for a second and noting the sustainability benefits of lightweight plastics used in packaging, in particular really lightweight plastic film, one of the major uses of LDPE. Thankfully, plastic packaging is becoming increasingly recognized for its contributions to sustainability. The very nature of plastics – lightweight yet strong – makes them ideal for all sorts of packaging and helps minimize the environmental impact of the packaging.

For example, a 2014 study that looked at six common packaging categories (including film/wraps) found that replacing existing plastic packaging in the U.S. with non-plastic alternatives could:

  • require 4.5 times more packaging material by weight,
  • increase energy use by 80 percent, and
  • result in 130 percent more global warming potential.

Wow. Those are big numbers. Plastic packaging clearly can deliver more goods with significantly less waste, energy use, and global warming potential. There’s something I can feel good about.

Back to recycling… Many items made with LDPE are collected for recycling in communities across the nation. Rigid LDPE products (bottles, containers, lids, caps, etc.) typically are collected in curbside recycling programs.

But flexible LDPE bags and wraps are different. Clean and dry bags and wraps made with LDPE (and HDPE) are collected at more than 18,000 retailers nationwide. This includes bags for groceries, newspaper delivery, dry-cleaning, bread, produce, and so on, plus product overwraps, bubble wrap, and cereal box liners. (A limited number of communities collect plastic bags and wraps at curbside. Check with your community.)

And recycling rates for bags and wraps are growing. So… what happens to all that LDPE collected for recycling? When recycled, LDPE is given a second chance to live on as other useful products, such as:

  • Shipping envelopes
  • Garbage can liners
  • Floor tile
  • Paneling
  • Furniture
  • Compost bins
  • Trash cans
  • Landscape timber
  • Outdoor lumber

Recycling LDPE and other plastics can help lighten our load on the environment. How? EPA says that recycling in America significantly reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and can create more and better jobs than landfilling.

So LDPE will continue doing its part to deliver more goods with less waste, energy use, and global warming potential than alternatives. And you can do your part by recycling rigid LDPE items in your curbside bin and flexible LDPE bags and wraps at participating retail stores.

Now… ready for the quiz?

Production Process
DHP is provided with the highest standard of durability and quality. Our production team adopts with the RTM technology to create superior product with structural strength. After being treated by it, the metal can maintain its original color
The production of DHP is controlled and monitored by the computer. The computer exactly calculates the necessary amounts of raw materials, water, etc to reduce the unnecessary waste. The product is widely accepted for its excellent penetrating ability
The production process of DHP has been greatly improved by our professionals. They carry out a complete printing management system to minimize the impact on the environment. It has a relatively stable chemical property
The test of DHP is strictly conducted. For example, elastic compound is tested to guarantee its correct properties such as its stiffness. It is widely used in cosmetics, plastics, chemicals, military, and other industries
The production process of DHP is eco-friendly. Some of the raw materials are obtained from the recycled materials and the waste discharge are totally eliminated. It is non-allergic to people and won't cause allergies to the skin
This product has the advantage of decompression. It is made of materials with dual density, which can offer a good buffering effect to the feet. The metal will have a beautiful and bright surface after being treated by it
This product is highly bacteriostatic. With its clean surface, any dirt or spills are not allowed to serve as a breeding site for germs. The product has an excellent adhesion when applied on the metal
This product is safe. The materials used will all comply with local laws regarding chemicals that are considered to be hazardous to the environment and human health. It sells well in many countries including Canada, India, South Korea, Germany, and India
The product is not likely to fade. It has been tested by the dry and wet crocking test that requires it to be rubbed on the white fabric and dipped into water to check its fading level. Generally, it can be suitable for industrial use
This product is wear and tear resistant. The table-board and panel are made of wear-resistant materials which protect the surface of the product from the damage of heavy use. It is widely used in cosmetics, plastics, chemicals, military, and other industries
The product is safe. Made of skin-friendly materials that contain no or limited chemicals, it does no harm to health. It can extend the service life of the metal
People will realize that this product is able to provide unbeatable comfort for foot movement due to its extraordinary elasticity and smoothness. After combining it with other substances, it will have different features
The product can guarantee walking stability. It provides enough arch support and long-lasting comfort to wearers while reducing feet pain. It is non-allergic to people and won't cause allergies to the skin
People will realize that this garment is a great long-term investment. Because of the materials used and overall quality – there are fewer problems to face later on. It can improve the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal surface
The adoption of this product into the room creates an illusion of space and adds an element of beauty as an extra decorative element.
Being visually appealing to the people, this piece of furniture never run out of fashion and can add appeal to any space. The dispersing and covering ability of the product is perfect
This product will effectively help protect people from germs that will cause itchiness, swelling, and redness. It provides a good feet environment. It is mainly used for metal surface treatment, the process of which is environmentally friendly
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